The Firm

Our clients work in the real world. We practice there, too.

Clients of Broude Jennings & McGlinchey PC can expect frank, accurate assessments, and pragmatic, financially feasible solutions. Our attorneys explain the options in plain English, not legalese, and we do not waste clients’ time or resources on unnecessary documents or protracted litigation.

Rated as an AV Preeminent Law Firm by Martindale-Hubbell and recognized by the Fort Worth Business Press as a Top Law Firm, Broude Jennings & McGlinchey PC provides full-service representation in many practice areas, serving the ongoing needs of businesses as well as the personal legal needs of business owners and other individuals. Our clients include start-ups and established companies crossing a broad spectrum of industries, but regardless of vintage or size most retain a decidedly entrepreneurial spirit – a perspective that we both understand and share. While business and commercial real estate law are our primary focuses, our clients’ interests are enhanced by our experience in oil and gas law, tax planning, estate planning, and other areas.

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The Firm’s Philosophy

(Practically) Bespoke.


adjective BRITISH

(of goods, especially clothing) made to order. “a bespoke suit”

Across the pond, “bespoke” is a common term, used to describe custom-made goods and services. Lawyers on both side of the Atlantic tout their bespoke status, but we put a practical spin on the concept.

Suits of the legal kind are never cut from precisely the same cloth, and the same holds true for business transactions. Some level of customization is always required, but we appreciate that our clients don’t want to pay for a product built entirely from scratch. Our clients come to rely on us in large part because of our years of combined experience, and our commitment to flexible and pragmatic thinking. In the interest of minimizing cost and maximizing efficiency, they expect us to build from elements in our shared knowledge base and innovate to fill in gaps and make connections. The art in building a good suit, or a good business deal, is in selecting the right materials, knowing how to stitch them together in the proper configuration, and recognizing what embellishments are needed to generate a piece of work that truly fits the client.

Practically bespoke.

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