When your approach to client services is collaborative, achieving and maintaining the optimal team composition is paramount. We aspire to recruit, develop and retain individuals whose skill sets and mindsets mirror our own and who will enhance our ability to provide quality services and establish exceptional client relationships. Our attorneys and staff are our greatest assets, and we always welcome the opportunity to hear from professionals who are interested in joining us.

Lateral Lawyers and Recent Law School Graduates

Intelligence is always attractive, but “intelligent, personable and ambitious” makes us sit up and take notice. We want, and expect, our associates to grow and develop into the firm’s future leaders. To help them along that path, we strive to offer a positive work environment with opportunities for professional growth and practice development, giving associates significant authority in handling matters as soon as they are ready to assume that responsibility and promoting participation in professional activities and continuing legal education. Our senior attorneys provide mentoring and feedback as much as possible, and (as clichéd as it may sound) the firm truly maintains an “open-door” policy, affording new associates with access to a broad base of expertise and experience.

Law Students

The best way to learn is by doing, and a BJM clerkship is designed to help you make the transition from law student to lawyer. Clerks are given the opportunity to work side by side with firm attorneys, attending client meetings, closings, depositions and hearings. Each clerk is assigned a mentor who assists with time management issues and navigation of administrative procedures. The mentor also ensures that the summer associate receives timely and constructive feedback on his or her work, setting the stage for a truly productive and rewarding experience. Our goal is to create an environment in which a law student can apply the skills and concepts they have learned in school to real-world practice while getting an accurate feel for life as a lawyer.

Professional Staff

Support personnel contribute significantly to the firm’s overall level of success, and we strive to ensure that each of our employees finds professional and personal satisfaction in a pleasant working environment. BJM offers its staff members a high level of responsibility and access to a variety of challenging assignments.


For more information regarding opportunities to work with Broude Jennings & McGlinchey PC, please email shareholder Kathryn McGlinchey at

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