Green Buildings and Utilities

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By utilizing Energy Star-qualified fluorescent or light emitting diode (LED) lighting, a landlord can reduce energy usage in a commercial space by as much as 75%. Installation of environmentally friendly lighting products results in an obvious and immediate reduction in operating costs, in terms of a smaller monthly utility bill, but over time Landlord also will recognize additional savings due …

Green Buildings and Triple Nets

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Green buildings are expensive to construct and, in some respects, can be expensive to maintain. Because green technology benefits tenants in the long haul, in terms of keeping utility and other occupancy costs low, Landlord can argue that some or all of the ongoing cost of maintaining green certification – and perhaps even the initial cost of obtaining that certification …

Preston Dugas

Press Release

Preston Dugas III has joined Broude Smith Jennings & McGlinchey PC, as of counsel and will handle litigation matters for the firm.  Mr. Dugas’ practice includes oil and gas, commercial and business litigation. He is licensed in Texas and Louisiana.

MyRA Accounts

Tax Tips

Eligible taxpayers can now take advantage of a new starter retirement account available free from the Treasury Department through the MyRA program. Taxpayers can choose to fund a retirement account through payroll deductions, electronic transfers from a savings or checking account, or by choosing direct deposit for their federal income tax refund.

Why Go Green?

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Peas are green, and – increasingly – so are commercial buildings.  How can a landlord justify the initial expense of constructing environmentally friendly spaces?  Consider these three P’s: Planet:  The additional costs associated with building green spaces can be justified on an overall “reduction in carbon footprint” basis. People:  Healthier workspaces tend to translate into healthier employees. Profit:  Healthier employees, …