Business Transactions | Organizations

Clients of our transactional practice range from start-ups to established small- to mid-sized companies, crossing a wide range of industries. Regardless of the type, size or track record of the client, the goal is always the same: to provide reliable advice, in plain English; to be accessible, responsive and cost-conscious; and to furnish the quality, results-oriented legal services that enable our clients’ businesses to grow and thrive.

Broude, Smith, Jennings, McGlinchey & Fitzgerald, P.C., assists clients with a host of matters critical to starting and sustaining a successful business enterprise:

Start-Up and Organization. We help clients select the proper business vehicles to match their needs, relative to liability, taxation, management and profit-sharing concerns. We walk clients through complex issues relating to ownership structure and then assist in preparing and filing necessary documents, including: certificates of formation; limited partnership, limited liability partnership (LLP), general partnership and joint venture agreements; S corporation or traditional C corporation bylaws and shareholder agreements; and limited liability company (LLC) operating agreements and member agreements.

Ownership and Structural Changes. While we endeavor to draft organizational documents that will expand to fit the needs of a growing business, sometimes issues arise that are not foreseen at the time of formation. As a business evolves over time, it may require assistance with venture capital and private equity investments, conversions, mergers, reorganizations and similar transactions, and we are pleased to provide that assistance.